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Everywhere you go and everything you have is secure in some sort of way by locks, be they digital or physical. They keep your belongings, friends, family, and ourselves safe. You use them for your homes, cars, businesses, and technology. While they are incredibly dependable, there are times when you should change your locks. Don’t risk compromising your home or business’s security. Call a locksmith service right away to change your locks. 

There are many instances where it’s necessary to change your locks. Let’s go over five signs it’s time to change your locks. 

Upgraded Locks

Locks have advanced exponentially in the last decade. More intelligent locking systems now exist, making it easy to protect belongings. Roughly half of all homeowners expect to buy or invest in smart home technology. If smart locks aren’t for you, more comprehensive locks exist than simple keyed locks. 

Keypad and credential access locking mechanisms are also highly popular. Credential access locking mechanisms require the user to have the correct key card or key fob to access the door, while keypad locks require the user to know the correct code. Whatever lock you choose, upgraded locks are an excellent way to change your locks to something more advanced and intruder-proof. 

Did you know you should upgrade your locks every five to ten years? Read our blog about the benefits of upgrading your home’s security system here for more reasons to get on top of your security. 

Upgrading locks

Damaged or Malfunctioning Locks

This is the most urgent reason to change your locks. If you are experiencing difficulty turning the key or your door fails to lock properly in your car, home, or business, it’s time to contact a locksmith. Damaged or malfunctioning locks can simply be a sign that something is wrong with the lock or key, but it can also mean someone has been fiddling with your locks to gain entry into your car, home, or business. Don’t take the risk by not contacting a locksmith. 

Locksmiths can easily change your locks or even rekey your locks. In the event it is only a malfunctioning or damaged lock, rekeying your locks is an inexpensive option to create a new key that works with the same lock. If a locksmith determines someone has been tampering with your locks, then the safest option is for you to have your locks changed. This will ensure no intruder can gain access to your home or business.

Smart Locks

Smart locks add convenience and intelligence to your home or business’s security. Choosing to change your locks to a smart lock system is one of the best-guaranteed upgrades you can do for your home. Smart locks add the convenience of locking and unlocking your home from anywhere by utilizing a phone app. This gives users on-the-go peace of mind, allowing them to monitor their security remotely. 

Furthermore, smart locks are resilient against intruders. Smart lock systems are made up of sirens, keypads, touch screens, and much more. None of these are directly tied to the other, meaning an intruder can’t take the system down in one fell swoop. If any part of the system is attacked, the system is still able to function and work as intended.

Smart lock home security

New Home, Apartment, or Business

You need to change your locks if you have recently moved into a new home, apartment, or business. The previous owner or tenant could still have access to your new place, which is a huge security risk. Additionally, copies might have been given to their friends and family, meaning they could have access. Always change your locks on a new home, apartment, or business.

If you are renting your new place, however, you will likely need to gain permission from your landlord first. If they approve, you will need to ensure they are also given a new copy of the key.

Recent Break-In

If you or someone in your community has recently been the victim of a break-in or robbery, you must change your locks. Prioritizing calling a trusted locksmith is one of the first calls you need to make. 

There are several ways an intruder can enter your home. If the intruder entered your home with brute force, your locking mechanism is likely broken and will need replacing. If they tampered with the locks to gain entry, you still need to replace your locks. If the intruder entered your home with no clear sign of how it is likely they somehow obtained your key or a spare. In this situation, it is still recommended you change your locks. 

No matter how the intruder gained access, having a locksmith replace your locks is the most secure option you have to ensure it does not happen again. 

Choose Spider Locksmith

There are many clear indicators that you need to change your locks. If you have damaged locks or decide it’s time to upgrade them, choose Spider Locksmith for your security needs. We’ve been in the business of providing Houston, TX, residents peace of mind for many years. Call us today or contact us on the web for your security needs!