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For us, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is safe and secure is of high importance. If you have lost your keys, locked yourself out, need a spare key, or need a damaged lock repaired, Spider Residential Locksmith provides a quick and convenient home service to solve your problem. 

We understand that a formidable lock gives you a safe and secure home and we are committed to providing you with this. Whether it’s a new lock installation or servicing an old lock, we take no chances in analyzing the security loopholes and getting you strong, safe, and secure locks. We can also help if your keys are jammed in a lock, sticky locks, installation, maintenance and much more. 

We are licensed to provide quality security alarm systems, electronic access control, and many other aspects of innovative locksmithing. 

Residential Locksmith Houston


Deadbolts are a sure-fire, guaranteed useful security feature for your home. Compared to regular doorknobs, deadbolts offer an additional form of security and are a must-have for homeowners. A lock with a deadbolt cannot be opened without a key or interior thumb turn, making them a secure resource. Spider Locksmith can install and repair deadbolts to make sure your home is well protected. We also provide deadbolt replacement, upgrading deadbolts, key duplication and deadbolt lockouts.  


Our experts are quick and thorough in our rekeying expertise. Rekeying is the process of creating a new key that still works without replacing the old lock. It’s a very straightforward and easy process and can be done in no time at all by our locksmithing professionals.

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Your go-to residential locksmith

A house is not a home if you don’t feel safe in it. Our residential locksmith understands this and want to give you every resource available to ensure your home is safe and secure for you and your family.

We will provide you with the best service, the best systems, and the best prices for whatever residential locksmith services you might find yourself needing. From installing security alarm systems, electronic access control, or a new lock, to letting you back into your home or duplicating a key, Spider Locksmith is the team for you.

Entrance Locks

If you’re a new homeowner looking for the perfect entryway lock or need a new, upgraded system, Spider Locksmith can help. We can install any security lock system, no matter how complex. And if you need new keys for your family members, we have the tools to duplicate a key in no time at all.

Locks and Hinges

No matter the lock or hinge in your home, or where the lock is located, Spider Locksmiths offers a variety of remedies to fix flimsy locks and hinges. If you’re having trouble with a door hinge or lock, give us a call.


Frequently asked Questions

If I lose my keys, do I need to change all my locks?

No, we can rekey your locks for you. This is cheaper than replacing and saves you time and money.

Can Spider Locksmith change the lock on my mailbox?

Yes. No matter the lock, we can change it for you.

If I need a peephole installed, can you do that?

Yes. If you want a regular peephole or a peephole camera, Spider Locksmith has qualified experts available to give you the level of security you need.

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