Houston, Texas


Frequently asked Questions

Can I rekey my locks so they can work with just one key?
Yes, but only if all of the locks have the same keyway or are made by the same manufacturer.
Can all locks be picked?
No. Some residential and commercial locks are pick-resistant and high security.
What does it mean to rekey my lock?
Rekeying means changing the pins inside a lock so copies of old keys can no longer open it. You can count on us to do this for you.
If I lose my keys, do I need to change all my locks?
No, we can rekey your locks for you. This is cheaper than replacing and saves you time and money.
If I forget my safe combination, can you open it?
Yes. We have highly-skilled technicians who can quickly diagnose and solve the problem.
What if I lose my car keys?
Not to worry, we are more than ready to make new keys without needing to replace the locks. You should know, we maintain an inventory for almost all makes and models.
I have a burglar alarm. Do I still need a safety lock?
Burglar alarms are cool to have, but they can’t stop someone from breaking in. With a good sturdy lock, reinforced with jambs and security bars from Spider Locksmith, together with your alarm, unwanted visitors are kept out.
Are you open on holidays?

Yes. We provide 24-7 emergency locksmith services in Houston, TX all year round.

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