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High-Security Locks



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At Spider Locksmith, we understand what your home and business need to help you feel safe and secure. To ensure that you’re protected at all times, whether at home or in the office, we offer an extensive range of access control products that fit your lifestyle and offer you the protection you need.

High Security Locks

Remote Access

One of the best forms of security involves mobile app access that allows the user to monitor their security system on the go. This gives homeowners and business owners peace of mind and the simplicity of security right at their fingertips. Our locksmiths can install these upgrades for you and walk you through the basics.

Credential Access

With the ease of a corresponding key card or key fob, you and those you grant access to can utilize this high-security measure. This feature is especially popular in commercial settings, but our team can install it anywhere. Let us provide you with the right dependable system.

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Check out our catalog of high-security systems

Our selection of high-security services is extensive. If you have a security system in mind, chances are we offer it.

For your residence: For your business:
High-security deadbolts and doorknobs Control zones for restricted access in confidential areas
Gated entry systems Credential access
Motion/noise detection Biometric access
Digital/remote access Remote systems
Remote systems Unauthorized access prevention
CCTV and wireless video doorbells
Single/multi-zoned burglar alarms

CCTV & Wireless Video Systems

We offer a variety of different video security systems for your home or business that are guaranteed to provide you with reliability and intelligence. Spider Locksmiths professionals are ready to explore the best video security system for you and your residence or business. Let us hook you up!

Keypad Security

If you are in need of a code entry anywhere in your home or business, we have got you covered! Most keypad security features are on the outside of your home, like the garage, garage entryway into the home, or entrance to your home. This is an intelligent feature for any property and our team can install it for you without issue. 


Frequently asked Questions

So, what makes a lock "high-security"?

A lock is high-security when it cannot be tampered with or is impenetrable to manipulation. An example of this is a deadbolt. 

How often do batteries in wireless cameras need to be changed?

Most batteries can last 1-3 years. 

Is it worth it to get a smart lock installed?

Absolutely. There is a huge range of benefits such as convenience, reliability, and increased security. The investment in a good smart lock system is more than worth it. 

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