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Let’s make your business secure

Your commercial property has many requirements to supply the community with the services they desire, and one of the most important requirements is a safe business environment. At Spider Locksmith, we can provide that and much more. Our experienced team is committed to your needs and ensures you are taken care of. 

We’re here to support your business with strong locks and security to ensure you continue to operate safely within the Houston area. We can install a high level of security for your office, warehouse, shop, storage facility, or building. We solve lockout problems, rekey your locks to prevent lock picks, and install master key systems to give total control of your security system. 

Commercial Locksmith in Houston TX

Door Closures

A door closer is usually used for commercial businesses to ensure doors open and close in a controlled manner. They are perfect for when you need to haul out boxes to your garbage bin and need the door to remain open or to keep strangers out and remain closed. We can help you choose the right door closure system for you or maintain that it works properly.

Fire alarm

High Security

There are many security systems nowadays that are high-tech. They might seem complicated, but not for our highly trained experts. We are open to exploring different high-security systems with you to ensure your business is safe. Whether you’re looking for our industrial-strength deadbolts, locks, or additional security like digital locks, we’ve got you covered.

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Your business, our services

Panic bars, magnetic locks, card readers, and door closures–you name it, and Spider Locksmith can provide it! 

We are skilled in the installation and maintenance of digital locks, fire and alarm systems, surveillance and CCTV systems, and much more. Our trained technicians are always available for whatever needs you may have.

Fire alarm

Emergency Devices

It’s important to make sure your business is up to fire and safety standards. We can diagnose and determine any issues with your fire and alarm systems may have or install new ones for you. Spider Locksmith will make sure your property has the proper amount of security for you, your staff, and your customers in the event of an emergency. 

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are an excellent system for not only monitoring your business’s exterior but also your business’s interior. If an intruder were to be outside your place of business, a visible security camera would deter them. Similarly, a shoplifter would think twice before stealing in the presence of CCTV. Our team of professionals can provide you with quality service and equipment to give you peace of mind.


Frequently asked Questions

Can a locksmith open my security door?

If you ever find yourself in a bind with your security door, Spider Locksmith can open and fix your security with no issue.

What’s the price range of most commercial locksmith tasks?

Spanning from rekeying to high-security systems, most commercial tasks cost around $100-$200. This is dependent on the complexity of the task and the type of equipment involved.

What is one of the most common things locksmiths fix?

Believe it or not, emergency services are not the most common. Most locksmiths work on door hardware.

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