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When was the last time you upgraded your home security system? If it has been more than five or ten years, it is time to upgrade. When you think about it, technology is always evolving. The smartphone you used five years ago is vastly different from the one you now own. Your home security is no different. By the time five years pass, the equipment in your home’s security system may be malfunctioning.

The security of our homes is of the utmost importance. Our loved ones gather there and we have many valuables that we don’t want getting lost due to theft or worse. You need a strong, reliable system to protect you and your own. If your home’s security system is outdated or worse, you don’t have a home security system, read on for the benefits of upgrading your home security system.

Older Home Security Systems Are Easier to Compromise 

Just like older locks and keys, home security systems are easier to compromise. Older security systems are easier for intruders to bypass and hack into. The reason older security systems are easier to compromise is because they are older; systems released several years ago allow intruders a longer period of time to learn the ins and outs of the system. 

Additionally, home security systems that have not been serviced in some time are more susceptible to malfunctions. These malfunctions will leave you open to home invasions. Older systems tend to be tied to landlines as well, which are easy for intruders to attack since they are simply connected to your phone line. 

Newer systems are not designed specifically with this fault of past systems in mind. They are made up of sirens, keypads, touch screens, and much more. None of these are directly tied to the other, meaning an intruder can’t take the system down in one fell swoop. If any part of the system is attacked, the system is still able to function and work as intended. 

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Newer Home Security Systems Are Element Resistant 

Did you know that newer home security systems take security to the next level? Not only are the systems put in place to protect your home from intruders, but they are also able to detect fires and other disasters. If there are unordinary levels of smoke and carbon monoxide in your home, you will be alerted. These systems are so advanced that you can be alerted remotely and when you are not even at home. This is a life-saving service that was unseen in past home security systems. 

Furthermore, if you have a video surveillance home system, an updated model is able to operate in higher temperatures and strong weather conditions. Older models couldn’t withstand the heat or extreme weather conditions. Updated systems are built with this in mind. 

Newer Home Security Systems Increase Property Value

A secure home is a valuable home. When it comes time to sell your home, you can rest assured that your property sells for more if you have a new home security system. If you own a rental property, this also remains true. A home that is retrofitted with new security measures is one that will see a higher return on investment. 

Better yet, some insurance companies offer up to 20% discounts on monthly premiums for homes with security systems. Take advantage of the benefits of home security today. 

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