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It doesn’t matter what type of business you own: warehouse, office building, shop, storage facility–the types of businesses are endless. No matter if your business is small or large, you need reliable security to protect your merchandise, customers, and employees. You need a locksmith for your business and this is where expert commercial locksmith services come in.

We tend to think only of simple lock and key fixes when we think of locksmiths. Maybe you even only think of them in their capacity to help during emergency lockout situations. What you might not realize is that locksmiths offer a whole host of services, including commercial locksmithing. This service in and of itself is vast with the capabilities locksmiths have. Let’s go over a few now. 

Key in Door

Master Key Systems 

Master key systems are one of the most basic and the ultimate way for you and your employees to traverse through your business with its many doors. It’s also one of the most basic commercial locksmith services locksmiths can provide. Simply put, master keys are a centralized control system for all of our locks. In using this key, you can open every key in your building. There are a couple of different keys in this master setup. 

Change Key – This key grants users the least amount of access. This key can open only one lock or any locks that are correspondent to this key’s makeup. Any other key will also be able to open the designated locks the change key can open. 

Master Key – The master key has access to more than the change key. This key is extremely important as it can change a regular lock into a higher priority lock. Typically, businesses stop here in the master key system and this key remains at the hierarchy level. 

Grand Master Key – As the name suggests, the grand master key can open multiple master key systems. It will allow users to open any locks only master keys can as well as any subsequent change keys in the hierarchy. 

Master key systems are incredibly important in that they can help you out in emergency situations. Additionally, they allow you and your employees access around your business. If you have a lockout situation, locksmiths can allow you back into your business and create duplicates of these keys. If this isn’t the right solution for your business’ security, locksmiths can explore other options with you to provide you with the best possible security for your needs. 

Alarm and Secure Door Systems

Did you know businesses without alarm systems are 4.5x more likely to be burglarized? Luckily for you, commercial locksmith services also include the installation and maintenance of alarm and security closure systems. Locksmiths can help you choose not only which is best for your business but also what brands or types of these measures will be most effective. There are many types out there for you to explore. 

Security closure systems, or simply put secure doors, also come in a variety of types. These doors will keep unauthorized personnel out and protect your employees, customers, and merchandise. When most people think of security closure systems, most think about push bars. Locksmiths can install these, but there are also other options out there. 

  • Card readers
  • Keypad control
  • Radio transmitters
  • Mobile phone entry
  • Magnetic locks
  • And much more!

Keypad Access

Commercial Access Control and Surveillance

As a higher-tech option, access control systems provide an extra layer of security to your business. Business owners can rest easy knowing they are able to simply regulate who has access in and out of their building. With access control options like keypads, credential access, and remote access systems, business owners will relish knowing their security is efficient and easy to use. 

Surveillance systems in today’s world are a must. Whether the video surveillance is something as small as a Ring doorbell or CCTV cameras, having the ease to check on security footage on the go is a must for business owners. Commercial locksmith services include exploring any of these options with you and installing the best video surveillance system you choose.  

The Key Takeaway

Don’t take your business’ security for granted. A reliable locksmith is only one call away. Spider Locksmith is an entrusted and experienced locksmith business in the Houston, TX, area. Spider Locksmith’s web of security is vast and includes any commercial locksmith services you might require. Contact us at (832) 225-8791 or reach out to us on the web. With us, your security is our business.