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Your home is both an asset and a safe haven. You invest a lot of money into this valued possession, working hard to increase its comfort, appearance, and resale price. So naturally, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Enhancing the security of your home is an important part of creating a safer environment for yourself, your family, and future buyers (if you choose to sell one day). Many people work hard to increase security. But often, they do not focus on the right areas. One of the most vulnerable areas of your home is the sliding door. Unfortunately, most people look over this area when improving security measures or use weak, ineffective methods for protection. Check out our guide on sliding door smart locks! 

Why Is Sliding Door Security Important? 

The locks on sliding doors are generally easy to tamper with. That means that it only takes minimal effort to bypass the latches that keep your sliding door closed. Even an experienced burglar can likely figure out how to get through a sliding door. Additionally, it is easy to lift a sliding door off its track or break the glass. All of these factors make sliding doors a security hazard, making protection a top priority. 

How a Sliding Door Smart Lock Can Help Increase Security

The locks on sliding doors are typically latches. As aforementioned, these locks are easy to pick, bump, or break. But these common burglary tactics do not work on smart locks, as these locks do not operate using a traditional key. Instead, they use an electronic pin pad or a special type of key that uses a code to communicate with a touchpad. That makes sliding door smart locks more secure than regular hardware. 

A sliding door that would benefit from a sliding door smart lock

The Lockly Guard: Our Top Choice For Sliding Door Smart Locks

Unfortunately, there are very few sliding door smart locks on the market. One of the only ones available worth mentioning is called the Lockly Guard. Lockly has developed an excellent reputation for security and excellence with its products, meaning you can rely on this brand’s smart locks.

The Lockly Guard has many features that make it an optimal choice for security. This brand makes bold claims about its product, claiming that it allows for hack-proof pin keypads, the ability for biometric access control, and 24/7 monitoring capabilities. This sliding door smart lock also connects to your phone, which gives you the ability to lock and unlock it remotely from any location. In addition, the Lockly Guard can also integrate with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. With all of this versatility, what’s not to love? That is why we suggest going with this option above the rest. 

Other Options For Sliding Door Smart Locks

While we suggest the Lockly Guard as the best option on the market, there are other choices as well. The Haven Smart Door Lock attaches to the bottom of your door frame. It connects with your phone through wi-fi, and it moves up to stop entry and down to allow entry. This lock helps doors withstand brute force. 

However, sliding doors are made of glass. A burglar is likely to shatter the glass to gain entry if they can’t force your sliding door open. In the end, it is always better to pair a smart lock with security film to ensure no one can gain easy access to your home. Security film reinforces your glass, making it difficult to break. When you combine it with a strong lock, your sliding door becomes much safer. 

We Can Install Your Sliding Door Smart Lock! 

Are you ready to purchase a sliding door smart lock to protect your home? This technology requires an expert to install unless you have some experience with the industry. Our experts at Spider Locksmith are happy to install your sliding door smart lock for you, as well as meet your other residential service needs. Contact us today for assistance!