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Surveillance equipment allows you to see, either in the moment or at a later time, if anyone tampers with your belongings or home. They also increase safety at workplaces and other commercial areas. However, you might be thinking about upgrading or replacing your surveillance camera system, or maybe you’re setting up your very first home security system and don’t know where to start. 

One vital piece of security equipment is a surveillance camera. While you often think of surveillance or security cameras as installations found in commercial buildings or public areas, these systems can also enhance your home security. Today you will learn the answers to some of your most pressing questions about surveillance camera installation. 

1. What Kind Of Surveillance Camera Am I Using? 

Surveillance cameras are produced in all sorts of varieties. Where residential surveillance is concerned, there are many types of cameras from which to choose. Are you using an outdoor or indoor camera? Is your surveillance camera in the form of a video doorbell? Is it wired or wireless? Does it keep recorded video footage? These questions present the many ways in which surveillance cameras are categorized. Consider what features your current surveillance camera possesses and whether or not you want those same qualities in your next camera or if you want something different. 

2. Where Should I Install My Surveillance Camera?

The next major consideration for your surveillance camera installation is where it will be located. If you are planning to use an indoor camera, consider installing it at the part of your home from which most people enter or from where an intruder is most likely to attempt entry. A similar principle is applicable for outdoor surveillance cameras, but the front entry area of your home is the most reliable point of installation. 

Next, think about the angle of your camera installation. You want to make sure your surveillance camera will capture the most footage possible or cover the most amount of visible area. Position your camera so it will encounter the least amount of obstructions to its view. 

3. What Do I Need To Do Before My Surveillance Camera Installation?

Before your surveillance camera installation, double-check for anything that might obstruct the view of your camera. If you are installing a wireless camera, make sure your connectivity is strong and does not experience any issues such as lagging. If it is wired, make sure the point of connection makes sense and won’t be too easy for anyone to disconnect, whether by accident or intentionally. 

4. How Do I Install My Home Surveillance Camera? 

Once your new surveillance camera is in your possession, you’ll first want to take a look at the mounting template. This guide will provide clear instructions for how to mount your camera on a wall or exterior part of your home. After mounting your camera, the rest of the installation steps might vary depending on the type of camera. For example, if it’s wired, you’ll need to connect the cables first. If wireless, make sure the appropriate batteries are installed. When it’s installed, adjust the camera angle to capture the desired range of footage. If your surveillance camera is in the form of a video doorbell, it is especially important to test-drive its operability. 

5. Can I Get More Surveillance Cameras For My Home? 

Now that you installed one surveillance camera, you’re probably wondering if you should get more. If you live in an area that experiences break-ins, it might be worth considering a camera for your backyard entry too, but make sure there is room in your budget for such an investment. If you think one more surveillance camera will make a difference in your home security and there is room in your budget, go ahead and get that second surveillance camera installation done. 

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