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A front door lock is the first line of defense for any residential property. It is usually the first place an intruder will go when attempting to break into your home. However, sometimes, you need something really strong to keep trespassers at bay, like a deadbolt lock. Deadbolts are notably more difficult to force open since they fully extend into the door jamb. There are also different kinds of deadbolts to choose from for your door: single, double, vertical, and smart deadbolt locks. Keep reading this blog to learn more about residential deadbolt installation and repair services. 

residential deadbolt installation and repair

Residential Deadbolt Installation And Repair Services: Types Of Locks 

Before diving into what you can expect from residential deadbolt installation and repair services, it’s important to know about the four different types of deadbolt locks available for homes. Single and double deadbolts, as their names suggest, use either one or two cylinders. A vertical deadbolt has a vertical locking mechanism instead of a traditionally horizontal one and is considered more secure than typical single and double deadbolts. Finally, smart deadbolts are part of smart electronic lock systems, potentially making them the most secure of all the varieties. 

The Basics Of Residential Deadbolt Installation

As you learn about the installation process, remember that some parts of the process might differ depending on which kind of deadbolt you install. For a basic understanding of residential deadbolt installation and repair, you will learn what equipment is necessary and the fundamental steps, though specific instruction manuals will vary in their processes. 

1. Obtain The Right Tools And Equipment

With the user manual in hand, you must ensure you have all the tools and equipment necessary for a residential deadbolt installation. Aside from the installation kit, the deadbolt, and its parts, you should also have a paper template, drill, chisel, hole saw, spade bit, screwdriver, utility knife, tape measure, and pencil. When you have all these items, you are ready to begin. 

2. Mark And Measure With The Paper Template 

Most deadbolt installation kits include a paper template, allowing you to easily mark and determine the placement of your deadbolt in relation to your front door. If you don’t have a paper template, installing the deadbolt 6-12 inches above the key lock is a good rule of thumb. 

3. Drill The Cylinder And Edge Holes 

After marking and measuring the installation points, you will drill the cylinder and edge holes into the door. The cylinder hole is usually created with a hole saw, while a spade bit is used for the edge hole. That said, double-check your user manual to be certain. 

4. Install The Faceplate And Deadbolt Mechanisms

After those holes are drilled, the next step is to chisel and install the deadbolt’s faceplate. The chisel will be used for this step, after which the screwdriver and mortise will be used to install the faceplate, deadbolt, and other mechanisms. The same screwdriver will also be used to secure the faceplate and deadbolt mechanisms into the door. 

5. Install The Strike Plate Into The Door Jamb And Test The Door

Now, you will insert the strike plate into the door jamb. First, you will create a bolt hole with the spade bit, then create a mortise outline for the strike plate with a utility knife. After cutting the strike plate mortise with a chisel, you will screw and secure the strike plate into the door jamb. Afterward, you will shut the door and see if the locks can latch. 

Troubleshooting Tips For Residential Deadbolt Repairs

Where residential deadbolt repairs are concerned, you want to try some basic troubleshooting tips before calling for professional assistance. Tightening hardware is one of the easiest ways to set your deadbolt lock right. Specifically, the hinge screws and the screws connecting the deadbolt to the door. If you’re dealing with a jammed deadbolt, you will want to clean and lubricate the mechanism with graphite spray. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call a professional locksmith for help. 

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