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Keeping your property safe is of the utmost importance. Safety measures include having sturdy door locks and the latest alarm technology. However, one thing you might have overlooked when ensuring the security of your property is your windows. In fact, window locks are a great way to further fortify your home or workplace against potential intruders. Take this time to learn more about the installation and repair of window locks. 

Installation And Repair Of Window Locks: Installing Locks

If you plan to obtain window locks to boost security, you will want to know more about the installation and repair of window locks. Keep reading to learn the steps involved in installing window locks: 

1. Find The Right Lock 

Before installing any window locks, you need to understand what locks will work best for the specific kind of windows in your building. Once you have made that determination, you can order the appropriate locks and start installing them when they arrive.

2. Gather Tools And Equipment

In between the arrival of the new locks and the installation, you will want to gather and/or obtain the right tools and equipment for the job. The most vital of these tools is a cordless drill to remove the old lock and install the new one. The next tools you will need are a tape measure and a pencil to measure and mark where the locks will be installed. You will also need safety glasses and, depending on the height of the windows, a stepladder. 

3. Prepare To Install The New Window Lock

If you have an old window lock you’re replacing, you must remove it with the drill before installing the new one. After removing the old lock, you will mark where to install the new one with the tape measure and pencil if the replacement is an entirely different kind of lock. You will use the pencil to mark where you will drill the holes to install that new lock. The tape measure will help you determine the exact middle of the window where the new lock will be installed. 

4. Install The New Window Lock 

Finally, with the drill, you will secure the new lock by using the drill to screw it into the window. Once the lock is nice and secure, you will want to test it to see if it works. If you can easily pry open the window, you need to adjust how you install the lock. Otherwise, if your window remains closed, you will have successfully installed the new lock. 

installation and repair of window locks

Installation And Repair Of Window Locks: Understanding Repairs

Now that you understand the installation process, you are ready to learn about window lock repairs. If you find yourself dealing with uncooperative window locks, there are three troubleshooting tasks you should try first. Start by cleaning the locks with regular soap and water if debris interferes with the mechanisms.

If that doesn’t work, lubricate the lock with silicone spray or dab the lubricant on the lock with a cotton swab. Then, wait an hour before testing the lock. Finally, see if any hardware needs tightening. If none of these tips work, you must replace your window lock. 

Trust Spider Locksmith With The Installation And Repair Of Window Locks For Your Property!

Hopefully, your newly acquired knowledge about the installation and repair of window locks will allow you to keep your property safe and secure. However, it’s understandable if you feel more comfortable leaving this task in the hands of a professional locksmith. The good news is that the locksmiths on our Spider Locksmith team are able and willing to work with your window locks. Contact us today for this much-needed boost to your property’s security.