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Many kinds of locks are used to keep our homes and workplaces safe. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you don’t have the key to open that lock on you; finding that your key no longer seems to work with its respective lock is also a less-than-ideal way to start your day. It can be especially infuriating if your door happens to use a padlock. Luckily, it isn’t impossible to get out of this situation. Let’s explore how to unlock a padlock without a key with five different methods. 

What Is A Padlock? 

Before going over how to unlock a padlock without a key, let’s take a moment to define what a padlock is. If you’ve ever seen a lock with a box shape that can come apart with a small key, then chances are you’ve seen a padlock. These can be used to provide additional security to a home or workplace, whether it’s on a door or a fence. The size of the key used for a padlock is what can make it easy to lose track of if you aren’t careful. That’s why knowing how to unlock a padlock without a key is absolutely essential. 

How To Unlock A Padlock Without A Key: 5 Methods 

Now that you know what a padlock is, you are ready to learn how to unlock a padlock without a key. Check out these five different methods you can use to approach this predicament: 

1. Bolt-Cutters

The bolt-cutter method is the first method to consider for unlocking a padlock without a key. As the name suggests, you’ll need a pair of bolt cutters for this task. All you need to do is capture the latch of the padlock in between the jaws of the bolt-cutter. Push the handles of the bolt-cutter together to break open the padlock. 

2. Shim

A shim is usually included in most padlock sets if you ever lose track of your key. This metal piece has two thin sides and a thick middle part that can go into the top of a padlock, where the latch connects to the body of the lock. The thick part of the shim goes into the padlock, where you shimmy it until it comes apart. 

3. Hammer

The hammer method is especially useful if you’re dealing with a rusted padlock that won’t even open with a key. After removing any debris and lubricating it, lightly tap the top of the padlock where the bolts are located so they come loose. You might need to do this a few times. The last thing you want to do is pound the hammer against it, as that can create further difficulties. Light taps should be enough to loosen it open. 

4. Lock-Picking 

If the above methods aren’t doing the trick, you can always try picking the padlock open. There are quite a few lock-picking methods that you can use on a padlock. You will need a tension wrench and a pick to open the padlock. The tension wrench will need to be inserted through the bottom, allowing each pin to come loose. As the pins come loose, you’ll move the pick back and forth to catch each one. Repeat this method to undo as many pins as possible until the padlock opens. 

how to unlock a padlock without a key

5. Call Your Locksmith 

Finally, if you weren’t able to successfully utilize the above methods or don’t feel entirely comfortable using them, there is one more way to go about how to unlock a padlock without a key: call your locksmith. Calling your locksmith, who can be on site quickly, will reduce your stress about accidentally inflicting any damage yourself by trusting an experienced professional. If you live in Houston, then Spider Locksmith is the best service to call for any lock-related issues, so contact us today.