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Dealing with a locked suitcase with no way of unlocking it can ruin your plans. This predicament can occur while trying to pack or going through TSA. Problem after problem seems to pile on top of each other. Thankfully, this blog post can show you how to unlock a locked suitcase with ease. Continue reading to get the much-needed insight you’ve been looking for.

How To Unlock A Locked Suitcase

Panicking won’t do you any good in this situation. It’s best to calm down and sort the situation out. This is especially important since there are many different ways for you to unlock your suitcase. Here are a few:

Try The Factory Setting

The first way to unlock a suitcase that we would like to show you is by checking out the factory setting. A lot of locks come pre-programmed with codes before they reach their eventual owner. You can check to see if this still works, which would usually be either 000 or 999. Check to see if your suitcase is any different, and if it is, the following methods could work.

Lock Pick

Picking locks is an oldie but a goodie, and it will definitely help you unlock your suitcase. Picking a lock is surprisingly easy nowadays, especially with all the tutorials that are easily accessible online. You can purchase a lock-picking kit or use a pin to apply pressure to the lock mechanism.

The goal is to reach the pins in the lock and push them up. There should be five or six of them, so if you’re a novice, it could take about 30 minutes to complete. If you have a suitcase lock that can’t be lock-picked, then the next option could work.

Use A Pen

Believe it or not, a pen alone can help you unlock your suitcase. As long as you don’t have puncture-resistant zippers or a suitcase that uses hasps, you can use a pen to move the zippers to the other side of the track. Pick where you want to insert the pen in the zipper track, then apply pressure until both sides separate.

Then voilà, you have an opened suitcase. This will make you realize that maybe you need a more reliable suitcase. If you want to actually unlock the lock, trying every combination will work.

Try Every Combination

As a last-ditch effort, why not try every combination? This may seem like a lot, but since the suitcase lock is only 3 digits, you could spend about 30 minutes finding the right code. If this is too much effort, Spider Locksmith has you covered.

Use A Magnet

When using a magnet to unlock your suitcase, you will need to find the line that meets each circle first. Once you find it, attach a strong magnet to the circle, then turn it clockwise. The magnet will cause the circles to line up eventually. This will allow you to slide the button open.

How To Unlock A Locked Suitcase

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A locked suitcase can be quite bothersome to deal with. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get back into your suitcase and retrieve your precious belongings. In addition to teaching you how to unlock a locked suitcase, we can assist you with any locking-related problems you have.

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