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You work in a building with more than one hundred employees present on any given day. You clock in on time and leave right on the dot. During the workday, people can enter and exit any part of the building as they please. But after they leave, what is done to keep your workplace safe? 

There are many ways an intruder could attempt to break in, but thankfully there are just as many ways to keep your workplace safe from intruders after hours. One simple security measure to protect your workplace after hours is to lock a crash bar door after everyone leaves. That is why today, we are going to take a look at how to lock a crash bar door. 

To Key Or Not To Key?

Upon learning that we are going to learn how to lock a crash bar door, you probably thought, “wait a minute, crash bars use keys?” The answer to that question is yes, depending on the type of crash bar door hardware. Some crash bar doors use a key, but they don’t need a key to be locked or unlocked. Nonetheless, we will cover as much ground as possible by going over how to lock a crash bar door both with and without a key. 

How To Lock A Crash Bar Door With A Key

If your crash bar door uses a key, follow these steps to ensure it is successfully and securely closed before leaving. 

1. Know Where The Key Is Kept

First, you’ll need to know where the key for the specific door you wish to lock is kept. Consult a custodian to know where it’s stored in case you ever find yourself to be the last person to go home. Don’t forget to return the key where it belongs after using it. 

2. Locate The Keyhole 

The keyhole for crash bar doors is usually found on the doorknob or the end of the bar located away from the wall. The keyhole is either front-facing or on the side of the crash bar. 

3. Insert Key and Lock From The Inside And Outside

Upon finding the keyhole insert the key and turn to lock. Make sure you lock from the outside and inside for maximum security. 

4. Test To See If The Crash Bar Door Is Actually Locked 

Finally, you’ll want to see if the crash bar door is actually locked by testing it. You can test it by pushing to see if it unlatches and opens. If not, it means the crash bar door is successfully locked. 

How To Lock A Crash Bar Door Without A Key

When it comes to locking a crash bar door without a key, the first two steps will remain the same. You will still need to close the door completely and locate the locking mechanism in the crash bar itself. The third step, in this case, will involve either using a key substitute, such as a pin or using a wedge in lieu of a key. Regarding using a wedge instead of a key, you will need to find a small space below the door to fit a slanting slab of wood or rubber that will provide extra support to prevent the door from being opened. 

Keep Your Workplace Secure With Spider Locksmith!

Whether you believe it makes the most sense to lock the crash bar doors at work with a key or without one, we hope this blog makes you feel better about how to lock a crash bar door to keep your workplace safe. However, there are many ways you can utilize a locksmith service to reinforce safety at work. Contact us at Spider Locksmith so you can keep your workplace safe and secure.