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Humans are not perfect, far from it. We have our flaws; we can be impatient, selfish, and, at times, forgetful. In fact, we can be so forgetful to the point where we lock ourselves out of our own cars. In these trying times, it would be pretty helpful to have a spare key outside your car as a backup plan. Instead, you’re trying to break into your car, which doesn’t look very good from an outside perspective.

If you don’t want to go through something embarrassing like this, find the perfect place to hide your spare key. It can be challenging to come up with a good hiding spot, but If you don’t, you might as well hand your keys over to a thief now. But if you don’t want to do that, then learn how to hide a key outside a car below.

Dangers of Hiding Your Key Outside

Before we dive into how to hide a key outside of your car, we have to discuss the dangerous implications this can have. Just in 2020 alone, around 2,385 cars were stolen a day in the U.S. A lot of these vehicles were stolen thanks to improperly hiding spare keys. This is why it is so important to think of a great hiding spot and test if your key remains secure.

Furthermore, if you happen to use a proximity key, then hiding your key is pointless. All a thief would have to do is open your car door, and you will no longer be the owner. So are you willing to proceed with this risk? Well, if you are, continue below to learn of some great hiding spots for your spare key.

Where to Hide a Key On a Car

Now that you are aware of the dangers of hiding a key on your car, let’s discuss some of the best strategies to prevent those outcomes.

License Plate Key Hider

Hiding your car key behind the license plate is a pretty good hiding spot, but with a license plate key hider, this hiding spot is even more effective. A license plate key hider is the ideal way to keep your car key hidden. Even if someone manages to discover the key hider, they won’t be able to get it because of the lock.

There are many types of license plate key hiders out there, so try to find one that can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. This way, you will be able to unlock the key hider from your phone. You can even monitor the key hider to track your car and become notified when it has been unlocked.

Car Fender

Hiding your car key can be a scary business, especially if you are not adept at hiding things. You can put it in a good place, but if you place it improperly, you will find yourself without a ride. This is why when hiding your key in the fender, be sure to hide it as deep as possible.

Thieves could try to find a spare key in your fender, but if you conceal it well enough, thieves will look elsewhere. So go as deep as you can when you hide your key in the fender and ensure it remains secure. Then you’re golden.

Behind the Bumper

Next up is hiding your spare car key behind the bumper. This can be a pretty common hiding spot, but if you become inventive with your hiding method your key can go unnoticed. You can even use dark duct tape to cover your key and make it challenging for others to discover.

Gas Cap

Hiding your key in the gas cap is another great way for you to disguise your car key. Using duct tape will be a great way to hide your car key in the gas cap, much like when hiding your key in the bumper. This will not only keep it secure but hard to notice for thieves.

However, check to see what type of gas cap your vehicle has. You could have a gas cap that automatically locks, which will simply be another car key you can’t access, taking out your backup plan. 

Magnetic Car Key Holder

A magnetic key holder isn’t exactly a hiding spot, but with this, hiding your car key will be easier than ever before. You can use this for many of the hiding spots mentioned above or even try new places to hide, like underneath your vehicle. Just make sure the key holder remains secure even when driving on rough roads so you don’t lose your backup plan.

A key in the car door lock. How to hide a key outside your car.

Take The Next Step!

Now you know how to hide a key fob on your car. There are many ways you can go about this process, whether you want to hide it in plain sight or go above and beyond. If you need a more immediate solution to your lockout problem or need a new car key, rely on the fantastic team here at Spider Locksmith. Our experts provide many car locksmith services you may be seeking. Don’t wait up, take the next step today with our team by giving us a call.