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Since the dawn of time, we have always sought security. This innate need drives us to seek shelter, protect our loved ones, and rely on locks to safeguard us and our belongings. Feeling secure is a wonderful thing, whether you’re snuggled up in the comfort of your home or focused on your tasks at work.

When you’re at work, that feeling of safety and security you have is often taken for granted. You have door closers and exit devices to thank for this level of protection. These often overlooked components play a vital role in maintaining the security and functionality of your workplace. In this blog, we aim to give these essential devices the recognition they deserve by delving into their importance and shedding some light on how they create a secure working environment.

Understanding the Importance of Door Closers and Exit Devices

To understand the importance of door closers and exit devices, learn what their roles are and how they ensure your safety below:

The Role of Door Closers

You’ve most likely come across door closers without giving them much thought. They’re a rectangular block of metal attached to the top of doors, commonly seen in businesses. But do you really know what they do? They control the speed at which a door closes for a smooth and controlled motion, adding an extra layer of convenience and safety to your workplace. There are many types of door closers, but the ones you are most likely familiar with are commonly known as overhead door closers.

The purpose of door closers is to enhance a building’s safety and security. They accomplish this by ensuring the doors close effectively after they have been opened. This helps prevent accidents and random people from gaining access to the space. Moreover, door closers also come in handy in the event of a fire. By closing the door upon opening, it limits the movement of fire and smoke, helping to control the spread of flames.

The Role of Exit Devices

Exit devices are another essential aspect of commercial doors, which you can find in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other places of that nature. These are commonly known as panic bars or push bars and provide a quick and safe exit route. These devices have evolved over the years to prioritize both security and accessibility. Today, there are many types of exit devices, including touch bars, crossbars, and push pads, all of which make exiting buildings more convenient.

Exit devices are meant to minimize panic and keep everyone safe in the case of an emergency. Having an exit device is like having a trusted ally by your side during those times when your back is against the wall. They guide you on the path to safety, and you can always count on them. In order for a business space to be a secure environment, it must have this essential device.

Understanding the Importance of Door Closers and Exit Devices

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Call Spider Locksmith To Maintain Your Door Closers And Exit Devices

As you can see, door closers and exit devices play an important role in commercial building security. They ensure that a building is secure and that there is an easy way out in the event of an emergency. These devices, which come in a variety of styles, can also improve the overall aesthetics of a space. As a result, your door closers and exit devices will blend in with the design of your space. 

The next time you walk through a door equipped with a door closer or an exit device, take a moment to appreciate their hard work. Remember, if you ever need help maintaining these security devices, Spider Locksmith is here to help. Give us a call so we can make sure your door closers and exit devices are working properly.