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The art of lock picking is a delicate and gratifying process. Lock picking is a useful skill that can see practically any lock unlocked in minutes. You can use this whenever you accidentally lock yourself out of your car or home and can help others when in a similar predicament. Beyond being a useful skill, this is a fun hobby that anyone can learn.

Something about hearing that sweet click when unlocking something is just so satisfying that it makes you feel like a spy. You can experience this too, with the variety of ways to pick a lock. This includes using a lock picking kit with picks galore or even a pick gun. But you can’t become an expert if you make common lock picking mistakes. Learn what these mistakes are and how to correct them below.

Common Lock Picking Mistakes

There are a lot of factors to consider when learning to pick locks. You need the right equipment, you need to know how to pick a variety of locks, and you need to work your way up to higher-level locks gradually. See how you can avoid making the common lock picking mistakes below.

Using The Wrong Tools

First and foremost, you will need the right tools to get that spy-like feeling we mentioned earlier. Lock picking tools are available on Amazon, which could seem like a good place to start, but those cheap knockoffs will break down on you before you know it. These picks rust and bend easily, resulting in a waste of both time and money.

Instead, search for durable, high-quality sets. This is a wise investment that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars as you may think. Here are some of the best locks you can buy while also saving money.

Using Too Much Tension

A tension tool is necessary when picking locks. This keeps you aware of how far along in the lock picking process you are, as every sound is amplified to keep you aware. However, if you apply too much tension, you will break or bend the tool, making it obsolete. Understanding how to apply just enough pressure when using tension tools will help you blossom into a more skilled lock picker.

You’re Raking Too Much

Raking is the process of gently rubbing against the lock’s parts in an upward and downward motion. This is what gives you that satisfying feeling when you successfully pick a lock. Even though this is helpful, it has its limitations. Don’t rely too much on raking, or you won’t know where your skills truly lie.

No Variation

Another way to trick yourself into thinking you’re a good lock picker is to only pick one kind of lock. Every lock is unique, so clinging to one type or one particular lock will not increase your skill level. Take the initiative and experiment with various locks to gauge your level of proficiency.


Do you know the saying “practice makes perfect”? This saying is true, especially when it comes to picking locks. If you don’t practice often, you’ll never become an experienced lock picker.

If you use this skill inconsistently, it will be difficult for you to use it when it matters most. To keep your lock picking abilities at their highest level and to ensure that you are ready for any situation, try practicing every day.

Common Lock Picking Mistakes

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