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One of the first things that happen when you get a new home is you’re handed a set of keys. These keys signify ownership, and they come with a responsibility. This responsibility is to ensure the locks on your home are secure and protect you, your possessions, and your home. Some of the best locks available are high-security locks. If you’re considering making your home more secure, it’s useful to take a look at the best front door high-security locks available. Let’s take a look at some now. 

Traits of Good Front Door High-Security Locks

How do you know if a high-security lock is right for you? This can be easily determined by the number of excellent qualities that high-security locks possess. There are several important traits to note about high-security locks, including:

  • Drill Resistant: High-security locks prevent criminals from using this method. Anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball bearings can either protect the drill from entering the lock or from the drill being effective. This makes high-security locks worth it for many. 
  • High-Quality Hardware: Lock producers skimp on production costs by using hollow spaces or plastics in the production of their locks. A lock made of cheap metals or plastics is pointless, no matter what security measures it may be marketed as having to stop picking or drilling. Fortunately, high-security locks are heavier because no plastic is used. Metal is the only material. 
  • Bolt Strength: The bolt strength is essential to stop intruders from using heavy equipment or their own strength to break through. Only a heavy bolt can withstand brute force and heavy ramming equipment. 

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Best Front Door High-Security Locks

There are many security systems nowadays that are high-tech. They might seem complicated, but they are actually easy to install. To help you pick the right front door high-security lock for you, read on for a list of industrial-strength deadbolts and locks. 

  1. Schlage Deadbolts

Schlage is one of the market’s oldest padlocks and door locks brands. They are well-known for their high-quality, protective line of products. This is no different for their line of high-security locks. Schlage deadbolts are made of pure, premium metals. Combined with their lifetime warranty, it makes their deadbolts the most durable and high-security. 

  1. Kwikset Doorknobs and Deadbolts

Alongside Schlage locks, Kwikset locks are well-known for being cost-effective and some of the best security options on the market. High-security Kwikset locks use nickel construction. Additionally, like Schlage, Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty and guarantees reliability. 

  1. Master Lock High-Security Locks

Master Lock is another example of a company with a large selection of locks of all shapes and sizes that is sure to meet your front door high-security lock needs. There are some Master Locks that feature heavy-duty steel. Because it is a higher brand of locking system, you also get a lifetime warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a lock “high-security?” 

A lock is high-security when it cannot be tampered with or is impenetrable to manipulation. An example of this is a deadbolt. Deadbolts are the most common and effective form of high-security locks. 

How do I know if a high-security lock will work on my front door?

To confirm whether you can put a high-security lock on your door, check its dimensions. If you want the best fit, the dimensions of the front door high-security lock should match the dimensions of the lock space on your door as much as possible. 

How should I install a high-security lock?

When installing high-security locks in your home, use high-quality and large-sized screws. Someone can easily tamper with your door locks if you don’t use the right screws. 

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