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The question “are high-security locks worth it” is a difficult question to answer. Specifically, two types of customers might ask this question: residential and commercial property owners. Ultimately, if you’re looking for extra protection and don’t mind the extra cost, then high-security locks are likely worth it. But what makes high-security locks worth it? We will cover that and more in this blog. 

Are High-Security Locks Worth It?

For those unaware of what high-security locks are, let’s go over that now. High-security locks are designed to provide more protection against the main methods employed by intruders. When high-security locks are typically thought of, they are believed to only be useful in commercial properties. This is not the case. Residential property owners also utilize high-security locks. 

A couple of examples of high-security locks include deadbolts, access control systems, and other more sophisticated forms of security. 

To answer the question, “are high-security locks worth it,” it’s important to understand the traits of high-security locks and what makes them so desirable. 

Traits of High-Security Locks

Drill Resistant

Drilling is one of the best methods to destroy a lock and gain entry. For this reason, it’s one of the most common methods a criminal will use. So long as it’s practical, is it a quick way to gain entry. The criminal can save his or her strength without having to slam their shoulder or foot against the lock. 

High-security locks prevent criminals from using this method. Anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball bearings can either protect the drill from entering the lock or from the drill being effective. This makes high-security locks worth it for many. 

Better Hardware

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but the lock producers skimp on production costs by using hollow spaces or plastics in the production of their locks. This means your locks are slightly compromised. Fortunately, high-security locks are heavier because no plastic is used. Instead, metal is the only material. A light lock will be of no use security-wise because it won’t withstand impact. A lock made of cheap metals or plastics is pointless, no matter what security measures it may be marketed as having to stop picking or drilling.

A smart lock installed by a business owner who decided the answer to the question, "Are high-security locks worth it?" was yes.

Bolt Strength

Just like a lock should be made of metal and be solid and heavy, the bolt should also be strong. The bolt strength is essential to stop an intruder from using heavy equipment or their own strength to break through. Only a heavy bolt can withstand brute force and heavy ramming equipment. A secure bolt can also protect against saws that may be used to slice the bolt in half. Therefore, this makes high-security locks worth it to protect against intrusions. 

Patented Keyways

As property owners, you don’t want people to have access to your property without your permission. You especially don’t want them to create copies of keys to your locks without you knowing. A high-security lock with patented keyways can eliminate this concern. When creating spares, it’s important to find the right place to hide spares. If you don’t take special care to find an appropriate location for them, then you could face more issues. 


As mentioned before, high-security locks are more expensive than regular locks. What you are looking to pay will depend heavily on how expensive high-security locks will appear to you. For instance, if you’re looking for heavy-duty front door locks, you should expect a higher price tag than you would for deadbolts. 

So, Are High-Security Locks Worth It to You?

If any of these traits of high-security locks seem worth it to you, then you should consider high-security lock installation for your property. Whether you are looking for locks for your home or business, there’s one place you should call: Spider Locksmith. Spider Locksmith is your trusted local team that is prepared to give you the resources you need to stay safe. Contact Spider Locksmith today for any help you may need in making a decision on high-security locks.