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Over the years, we’ve learned to adapt technology to make our lives easier. Companies that provide smart devices aren’t just selling technology: They’re selling convenience. Now, you don’t have to find a payphone to call a relative during an emergency. You just whip out your cell phone. Instead of going to the library for research, you can use the same device to Google a question. And rather than worry all day about whether you locked your door or not, you can double-check through a mobile app thanks to smart locks.  Smart locks are a relatively new but increasingly popular technology. Are you ready to make your home smarter? Then check out our guide for smart locks! 

What Are Smart Locks?

Smart locks operate with wi-fi or another kind of internet connection. Because of this, they can connect to your smartphone. Many smart locks come with a mobile app that you download. Then, you can monitor your home through the mobile app from wherever you are—even if you’re across the globe! 

Pros of Smart Locks 

Maybe you’re wondering if a smart lock is worth it. If that’s the case, we’ll help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these devices. These are four pros of smart locks

1. They Are Convenient 

Have you ever been in the middle of an important task when the doorbell rings? That’s such a frustrating feeling, isn’t it? You then have to put your task on hold to see who’s at the door, often only to find a salesperson on the other side. 

With a smart lock, you won’t have this problem anymore. You can check who is at the door without getting up. You can even unlock the door from wherever you are if it’s someone you know! 

2. Burglars Can’t Use a Lock Pick On Smart Locks 

Most burglars enter through the front door, making a strong lock essential to home security. Smart locks aren’t vulnerable to many tricks burglars have use as lock picking or bumping. That makes it harder for criminals to break into your home! 

3. You Won’t Need Keys Anymore 

Keeping track of keys is a hassle. They’re small, they’re easy to misplace, and it’s often hard to find the right one on a ring full of other keys. Smart locks cut the need for keys out, making your life easier. While some smart locks do have a manual option with a key, you shouldn’t need one unless there is an emergency such as a power outage. 

4. Makes Monitoring Easy 

You can’t keep an eye on your home when you’re away without a smart lock. This technology lets you see who’s knocking on your door while you’re gone. If someone is prowling around your property, you’ll know even if you’re in another state or country. 

A smart lock in an apartment building

Cons of Smart Locks 

As with anything, smart locks come with disadvantages. These aren’t meant to scare you off smart lock technology, but you should have complete information before purchasing. Without further ado, here are four cons of smart locks

1. They are Costly 

Smart locks are more costly than other options. They can cost up to $300, and that’s just for one lock! For the same price or less, you could install traditional locks for every door in your home. A smart lock isn’t right for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive option. 

2. Hackers Can Gain Access to Your Home 

While your typical burglar of chance probably can’t bypass smart locks, that doesn’t make them invulnerable. Because smart locks connect to the internet, it’s easy for skilled hackers to access them. A burglar with hacking skills could open your door locks and sneak in without alerting anyone. Before you know it, your electronics and other valuables have disappeared!

3. Malfunctions Might Render Your Home Inaccessible 

Smart locks require constant power from a battery or other source. If a battery dies or the power goes out, that means you might not be able to use your smart lock, resulting in you being stuck inside or outside of your home. Some smart locks have a backup option to prevent these issues from happening, but not all of them. This is something to keep in mind when planning for an emergency situation. 

4. Most Smart Locks Don’t Have Curb Appeal

Locks are meant to be functional, but they can also enhance the exterior of your home with their design. A classic golden doorknob and deadbolt make your front door look sophisticated. On the other hand, most smart locks are bulky and do not lend curb appeal to your home. Most of them have a large keypad that stands out from the rest of your door and makes them look out of place. You can purchase options that blend in better, but most smart locks out there won’t help with curb appeal. 

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