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Doorknobs are how we leave and return home every day. They allow doors to function as intended. Aside from their security utility, doorknobs can also add a sense of style to each entryway throughout your home. Unfortunately, time and wear can cause doorknobs to lose their effectiveness, meaning it’s time for us to find a replacement. How can we find the perfect doorknob replacement? Today let’s take a look at this guide to doorknob replacement. 

1. Does The Doorknob Need Repairing Or Replacing? 

Before starting the search for a replacement, we must first evaluate whether the doorknob actually needs replacing or if it can still work with the help of repairs. To determine if a doorknob needs repairing or replacing, first see if it’s an issue with the lock mechanism. If it turns out the lock isn’t causing the complications, you can carefully take apart the doorknob to take a look at its springs, which can often be the culprit to a malfunctioning doorknob. Usually, if the doorknob is well-maintained consistently, it usually just needs repairs. In cases where the doorknob is very old and visibly aged, investing in a replacement is strongly recommended. 

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2. Is The Doorknob Replacement Meant To Be Practical Or Decorative? 

The next part we must consider in our search for a doorknob replacement is whether that doorknob will need to serve a practical or decorative purpose. Do we want our next doorknob to enhance a certain aesthetic, or is the functionality of the doorknob the main reason we are in search of a replacement? In making this determination, we must now consider the types of doorknobs from which we may choose. 

3. What Types of Doorknobs Are Available?

When we think about replacing our doorknob, we need to determine what type of doorknob we are replacing and whether we want the same type or to try a different type. The most common types of doorknobs found in residential homes are privacy, passage, keyed entry, and dummy doorknobs. Privacy doorknobs come with a locking mechanism on the interior side and are often found with bedroom doors. Keyed entry doorknobs can be locked at the door’s interior or exterior. These doorknobs are often found in hotels or apartment units and front door entryways. 

Passage and dummy doorknobs are similar in that they aren’t used for locking purposes. While dummy doorknobs are purely decorative, passage doorknobs are used to move through rooms within a building, such as those found in hallways like bathrooms or playrooms. When considering a doorknob replacement, it is best to stick with the same type of doorknob that was previously used. 

4. What Doorknob Styles Are Available?

Doorknobs, like doors and other interior and exterior hardware, come in a variety of styles that bestow character onto your home. Some of the most popular doorknob styles include, but are not limited to, rustic, classic, antique, and modern. When thinking about the desired style for a doorknob replacement, we need to consider…

5. Does The Doorknob Replacement Go With the Door? 

When searching for a doorknob replacement, consider the current style and design of the door into which it will be installed. Do we think a particularly intriguing rustic doorknob style will blend with our modern-looking door? Will the finish of our doorknob go with the paint color of the door? Unless we are also thinking of replacing the door itself, we need to consider how the doorknob replacement will either enhance, maintain, or possibly detract from the overall appearance of our door. 

6. What About Installation? 

After we know what doorknob replacement we need, our next step is to think about the installation process. While it is possible to complete our own doorknob installation, we are likely to get the best results from hiring a locksmith to install it. For the best locksmith services in Houston, contact us at Spider Locksmith today.