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Your patio is the perfect transition from inside your home to your backyard. From this area, you can take in the beautiful scenery of this part of your home that only you and your loved ones can access. Of course, this means your patio door is just as vulnerable to break-ins as your front door. Luckily, the existence of patio door lock services means you don’t have to be alone in caring for them. 

4 Must-Have Patio Door Lock Services 

Patio doors are just as much a part of your home security system as your front and garage doors. For the safety of your home and to ensure you get the most out of this door, read more about the four must-have patio door lock services: 

1. Patio Door Lock Installation 

No lock service is complete without installation. Installing patio door locks requires extensive experience to complete successfully. Most patios use sliding glass doors, so it’s important to have the correct parts for the installation, such as tracks, screws, and mounting implements. 

Whether your patio door is sliding or traditional, you can also work with a locksmith to determine what kind of lock best suits your patio doors. For sliding patio doors, these locks can be a clamp, twist-in-door, or foot locks. If you use French patio doors, you’ll likely be working with spring-loaded key mounts at the top and bottom of the door frame. 

2. Patio Door Lock Replacement 

Wear and tear can take a toll on all things, especially if maintenance is neglected. This is just one reason why patio door lock replacement services should be used. Another reason to replace your patio door lock could be severe, irreparable damage from an attempted break-in. The locksmith will be able to obtain the correct replacement for your specific patio door and provide directions to properly care for it. 

3. Patio Door Lock Repairs 

Luckily, damage doesn’t always mean something has to be replaced, and that’s when patio door lock repair services are useful. Repairs can be as simple as adding lubrication to the lock or involve retrieving a broken key part from inside the lock. If you have French patio doors that seem to have trouble staying closed, you can call a locksmith to set it back to its rightful state. Before you call for repairs, though, take time to clean the lock and door. There’s a possibility that your door problems are a result of excessive dirt and debris buildup getting in the way. 

4. Security Feature Installation

Locksmiths are also here to improve your home security, and your patio doors are no exception. You can include your patio door as part of your alarm system. You can even integrate it into your smart home security system. 

Other security features you can add to your patio doors include high-security chains if you have a sliding door and Charlie bars. These bars keep the door secure from the inside, making it difficult for intruders to trespass into your home. Of course, these are just a few security features you should consider for your patio door. 

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Now that you’ve read about patio door lock services, we hope you feel better about calling a locksmith the next time you have problems with your patio door. Whether you plan to install a new lock or replace an old one, require repairs, or are interested in adding security features, a locksmith will be there to provide all these services. If you live in Houston, you need to know which locksmith service is the best for your patio door lock needs. Luckily, you can get those services by contacting us today at Spider Locksmith.