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Locksmiths can provide services to any door that uses locks, including garage doors. After all, your garage door, like your front door, is a major entryway into your home. If an intruder can’t get past the front door, they have another shot at trespassing via your garage door. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the garage door lock services offered by your local locksmith. 

4 Essential Garage Door Lock Services 

Garage door lock services are a great way to strengthen your home security. Of course, you are probably curious as to what these services entail. Keep reading this blog to learn about these four essential garage door lock services: 

1. Garage Door Lock Installation 

One of the most important garage door lock services available is lock installation. As the name suggests, this involves installing a lock on your garage door. This service requires professional experience and skill to be completed successfully. Locksmiths use specialized tools and equipment to add a lock to your garage door. While garage door lock sets are available in stores, it is wise to let a professional do the installation so you can avoid the mistakes that are likely to occur with a DIY approach. 

2. Garage Door Lock Replacement

Garage door lock replacement is another service you can seek out from your local locksmith. Just like installation, you shouldn’t attempt this procedure if you don’t have the appropriate experience. In fact, replacing your garage door lock usually costs $35-$50, so you’ll likely end up paying more if you try to do this yourself and make countless mistakes in the process. This service will be helpful if your current garage door lock is severely damaged and can’t be repaired easily. 

3. Emergency Garage Door Lockout Services

Emergency lockout services are a saving grace, and this service is also available for garage doors. Maybe your current lock is malfunctioning, or perhaps you have lost track of your garage door lock’s keys. You might also be faced with an opener system that is out of battery or disconnected, or perhaps the key broke inside the lock. If you are someone who relies on the garage door to enter and exit your home, you will want access to the best emergency garage door lockout service possible. The locksmith can make a new key and hopefully fix your lock, so you can continue your day as normal. 

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4. Garage Door Opener And Keypad Programming

Finally, you can also reach out to a locksmith for help with garage door opener and keypad programming, as these are extensions of your garage door lock system. If you plan to upgrade your garage door opener or you want assistance with installing and programming the keypad, any locksmith will be able to provide that help. If you want to implement these security upgrades to your garage door but don’t know where to start, you can consult a locksmith service to find the best system upgrades for your home. 

Take Advantage Of Our Garage Door Lock Services At Spider Locksmith!

These four garage door lock services are worth taking advantage of if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with your garage door’s security. As explained earlier, your garage door can serve as an extension of your home security system, so you want to ensure that part of said home security is in great condition. Of course, it’s also important to know which locksmith service you can trust to secure your garage door. If you live in Houston, you already have access to Spider Locksmith: the best locksmith service in the city. Contact us today, and our Spider Locksmith technicians will give your home security that extra boost.