Our web also covers high-security servicesAt Spider Locksmith, we understand what your home and business need to help you feel safe and secure. To ensure that you’re protected at all times, whether at home or in the office, we offer an extensive range of access control products that fit your lifestyle and offer you the protection you need.

For your residence, we offer:

  • High security deadbolts and door knobs
  • Gated entry systems
  • Motion/Noise detection
  • Digital and Remote Access Doors
  • locks Remote system administration
  • Integrated CCTV and wireless video doorbells
  • Single and Multi-Zoned burglar alarm systems

For your business, we offer the latest technologies for improved Access and Control Systems, which include:

  • Control Zones to restrict employee access to confidential areas
  • Easily managed access credentials
  • Biometric access control, using identity authentication based upon an individual’s physical attributes.
  • Remote system administration
  • Prevention of unauthorized access

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